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Information about Hearing Loss

Causes of Hearing Loss

Are You Hearing Everything Life Has to Offer?

Hearing loss is a natural part of getting older. Already at age 20, we've lost the ability to perceive some of the sounds infants can hear. By the time we reach 30 or 40, significant losses have begun to occur. Once we reach our 80s, more than half of us suffer from significant hearing loss. With the added factor of prolonged exposure to high intensity noise at work and at home, hearing impairment is becoming even more common at an earlier age. More than half of all people with hearing challenges today are still in the workforce.

It's a Noisy World Out There

Noise levels have increased everywhere. From hair dryers to leaf blowers, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, iPod®, freeway traffic, surround sound speakers and more, we constantly expose our ears to damaging levels of noise.

And that's just at home. Our work environments are becoming increasingly loud as well. Some of the noisiest workplaces are those where firefighters, factory workers, farmers, teachers, construction workers and musicians spend a significant part of their day.

Other factors that may contribute to hearing loss include:

- blockage of the ear canal by an object or accumulated cerumen (earwax)
- diseases, infections or medical disorders
- medications and treatments like chemotherapy or antibiotics
- physical trauma to the ears or head

It's Up to You to Take Action

By the time you notice a change, your hearing ability may be more compromised than you realize. Take control of your health by getting your hearing checked. From hearing devices to advanced preventive technology, DeRamus Hearing Centers will help you find the right solution for your needs.

Helping a Family Member

What Can You Do If Someone You Care About Has Difficulty Hearing?

If someone you know suffers from hearing loss, you already know it's a challenging time for everyone close to that person including family, friends, colleagues and coworkers. Sometimes, the change can be so gradual or subtle that you're not sure whether it's actually a hearing loss. Unlike many conditions, hearing loss is often hard to detect in its early stages. Common Signs of Hearing Loss Some of the most common indicators of hearing loss include:

- turning up the volume of the TV or radio
- problems hearing the doorbell or the telephone ringing
- difficulty hearing people calling and talking from behind or in another room
- asking people to repeat themselves or saying "what?" frequently
- misunderstanding or "forgetting" what has been said or agreed upon
- often cupping hands behind the ears

How You Can Help

If you believe a family member, friend or colleague is suffering from undiagnosed hearing loss, encourage him or her make an appointment with DeRamus Hearing Centers and request a simple test to check for a hearing problem. In most cases, the hearing test will detect a hearing loss if one is present, as well as determine the type of loss. Based on the hearing test, our doctor can recommend the use of a hearing device or other treatment.

Internet Sales Policy

DeRamus Hearing Centers Internet Sales Policy

Starkey is a manufacturer of premium hearing aids, sold only through our worldwide network of authorized hearing professionals. DeRamus Hearing Centers are fully trained and credentialed hearing care professionals and we have been carefully chosen for our ability to deliver proper testing, fitting and support services that are critical to our patient's receiving the maximum benefit, performance and value from Starkey hearing products.

Starkey does not sell its products directly to Internet retailers. Starkey does not endorse the practice of selling hearing aids to consumers via the Internet. We believe that the successful dispensing of Starkey products is best achieved by hearing professionals that are trained on the proper use of our products. Optimum hearing aid performance can only be achieved through face-to-face consultation. Internet retailers cannot provide our consumers with the same high quality professional services as those in our network.

Internet Retailers

There are retailers who sell Starkey products via the Internet who are not authorized to do so. Some falsely claim to be authorized Starkey hearing professionals. Some misappropriate our intellectual property. Our legal department has taken action to stop unauthorized reselling of our products. We police the Internet for advertisements, sponsored links and domain name usage by unauthorized Internet retailers and we enforce our copyright and trademark rights.

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